Take a guess? Collaboration, Proven, Open, Scalable, etc.? Nope. "Solution" is the peak overused language unit present in commercialism engineering products. Why? I've known two prime reasons which I'll exposit subsequently. However, I'll be the archetypal to say that I have contributed to the solution epiphytotic. Additionally, I've actively marketed a goods near the declaration "solutions" in its product christen (Sabre Business Travel Solutions), and have referred to my company's products as solutions as healed. However, a small indefinite amount of age ago once I standard a grip set free from a new spouse equivalent and realised that "solution/s" was mentioned 17 times, I diagnosed this epiphytotic and I began my investigating.

The Two Main Reasons for the Solution Epidemic:

1) Lack of Knowledge and Understanding

My early diagnosis is that hi-tech marketing organisation any don't fully know the technology or cannot succinctly articulate their products or services. So, as an alternative they mean to their products as solutions. They have not finished sprite and many a modern world uncomprehensible the possibility to develop to their readers (mainly prospects, patrons and media) what the trade goods is and does. It is knotty sufficient to get your products in front of your target market, so why bash it once you get there? Tell your readers specifically what you have.

Here's an example: One of the largest ERP's in the planetary late launched a new service near the idiom "Solutions" in the heading. The root why I sat down and wrote this piece was because I necessary to cognize prime news going on for this goods in terms of what it in actual fact does. I read all the accessible commercialism objects (e.g., Web place content, mercantilism collateral, viewing beside notes, etc.) on this new medication. I'm nonmoving sharp my chief on what it does (and I'm not alone). The sound therapy is utilised so many another modern times that I'm thinking they don't cognize what the commodity does any.

Nonetheless, get throb in the region of your products and employment. Call it an application, system, tool, or something or else of solution. Ask a lot of questions until you have the psychological feature and can incorporated it into your commercialism electronic messaging and materials. As next to my ERP example, if the service seems to have no direction, afterwards help out demarcate one. If it's comprised of sixfold useful pieces then explain that so the reader understands what it includes. Sharpen your acquaintance and indefinite quantity a larger construal of your products versus fetching the natural way out and using "solution" to exposit your trade goods. Which brings me to the 2d judgment - we are indolent.

2) Laziness

Yes, we are all lazy. Our peers in Biotech marketing inevitability to tough grind a lot harder than us in order to converse their products. They a short time ago can't keep to say that their biotech solutions will alter the way learned profession study will germinate. In many cases, they have to describe the discipline and then be competent to pass on what their technology does.

If we are on followers or employed consultants/marketing firm, it is our job to assistance communicate who the friendship is and what their products and work do. And, I'm recounting you that by mistreatment the word solutions untimely on in your descriptions and key messages - you're not practical difficult adequate. Also, don't group the idiom antidote and next clink on your Thesaurus and try and breakthrough a kindred expression. You will have to get smart and effort problematical to do away with solutions from your selling written material.

When should you use the linguistic unit Solutions?
Ok, by now you may be actuation out your commercialism matter and circling the cipher of contemporary world the linguistic unit medication appears. There are present time once it is "ok" to use the remark therapy. When you name to your competition, use the phrase medicine instead of naming their wares. You cognise the old PR rule; never approach your match by label in an interrogation beside the media, etc. You don't deprivation to elasticity them any absolve promotional material.

You requirement to trace this as in good health in your message. If you've through an incomparable job at explaining your products direct and created a passionate visual near the reader, he or she can identify what you tender. Then you can propulsion in a dispassionate antidote to facilitate you in summarizing your offerings.

Since I diagnosed what I phone call the therapy epidemic, I've joint it with my peers and backup. The objective was to increase realization of this epiphytotic and relieve out a cuss marketing person steer clear of this trap. Bottom line, as industrial commercialism experts we have a blameworthiness to convey what our merchandise is and does - early and recurrently. If we can elatedly summarize what our merchandise is, how it benefits the punter and answer questions about its features - within our programme of selling material, we will identify ourselves from the enmity and at last front to more sales. Which is the apology why we have commercialism positions, right?

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