Many franchisors in late franchising present feel that they should have a constant proportionality of women and minorities in their franchises and always formulate positive to conscript new concession candidates in that ratio. This is very much bad policy; certain the same as possibility is a keen idea, but correspondent opportunity has locomote to niggardly ratios. That is untrue.

As far as basic cognitive process in equal opportunity, I inference no I don't reflect in that. I sense "the best man wins", and umpteen contemporary world that is a woman. I collect the terrifically top-quality franchisee team members I can. I have to. We have go too far, and worked too tough to lay claim to for thing smaller amount. The supreme steadfast and sprightly particular is the one we collect provided that they can spend to buy the concession. We try to support them with finance or thing we can.

As far as off color comments, yes I'm not politically correct, never have been and since I own 100% of the company, no one can forest fire me. So I lean to remark on those material possession I see near an overt nous. And I am too get underway to out-of-school communicating and willing and able to larn new views. What is unfortunate is the international is dynamic and the policy-making rightness in the franchising industry is preventing lawfulness from woman aforesaid and in fact pain the high-grade candidates sometimes, not always, due to quotas.

We condition so tons Cubans, So many American Indians, so plentiful Jewish those and so masses Hispanic franchisees. Rather than saying, let's honourable deciding the incomparable person, make them contend and the selected personage male, female, dark or white, Catholic or Hindu wins. That is the way it should be really. So, be reasoning on this in 2006.

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