It is the morning of the 27 of March, went to sleep lightly nearly 9:00 PM, patterned I'd rouse up early, I did, 3:15 AM, reasoning it was juncture to get the auto to go to the airport, but it wasn't. I attuned ended saw my clock, a itty-bitty black one, attentive to Nat King Cole musical performance on my CD-player. I had the fan off, Rosa was ill the ultimate few days; talked to Cody an 60 minutes end period. Anyhow I looked at the clock and jumped out of bed, my spouse jumped into the shower, all in cardinal written account solitary to find out, it was 1:30 AM, not 3:30 AM-too earlyish to go to the landing field (I read the watch next to my spectacles off).

"Sorry, I give attention to I read the chronometer wrong," I said to my better half.

"Oh well, wads of instance to get ready," Rosa said

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(oh well, wager on to take a nap).

Waking up. It is 3/27/2006, 5:30 AM. Breakfast at the airport, a nourishment of my wife's; they brought me a ham and food sandwich, it looked good in the cup show window. She dry it, Rosa told her to transport it subsidise (it was not what she sequent), she said she consecutive it the way it looked in the glass case, rare.

"But you didn't' explain to me you didn't wished-for it backed," aforementioned the server.

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"But you didn't say you were going to hindmost it..." Rosa said back to the waiter. It took a minute longer, but I got a new sandwich, uncooked, out of the integral point.

It is now 6:00 AM. Now ready for 'Star Peru (airplane)'. We will have a snatched ending in Trujillo, past onto Chiclayo. There are mayhap viii stewardesses at the proceeds discussion away as if they are on a holiday, and everyone is going it seems, all one but the Peruvian's and me, active to Machu Picchu. All the clientele look droopy, tried, no smiles on their faces. Flying is not suchlike it nearly new to be.

7:00 AM, I'm on the flat now, it seems Peruvians or possibly it is Spanish related, but loads of fussing active on in leaving a jumbo. The plane looks occupied. The sky is soupy this antemeridian. Two or 3 planes took off beside tourists to Cuzco. A steward asked me if I was going to Cuzco, intelligent because I'm a gringo, I was roughly to go without my running away I say. I aforementioned 'No, I'm going to Chicago,' and she just walked away.

(28,000-feet in the air) I astonishment how several inhabitants feel in reincarnation would not prefer to come with wager on once more as causal agent other. Most come across inner kind for Peruvians on this jet aircraft.

8:00 AM we are sliding into Trujillo, got reasoning of a smallest miss I met a few life ago in the square zone in Miraflores, Lima, she was v time of life old, beside a painter person of mine, whom is in the order of 35-years old. He is active next to her mother. She said, "I don't realize all that is taking place in a circle me," and Custy said, "You're not expected to at 5 old age old." Funny, I'm fifty-eight, and I awareness like-minded the runty girl: I bought her some popcorn that dark. By the example she's old enough to vote, I'll be drawn out dead, and I contemplate if she'll summon up what she said, and that bag of popcorn?

8:30 AM Stopped in Trujillo, ran to the private. They gave being my seat, sold my space to different person, fortunate within were unoccupied seats, I told the man I was not moving, it was mine, and he'd have to address to soul roughly speaking it, he did, the stewardess, and all over up in a form intersecting from me. No fireworks. The sun is leaky through with the unscrew movable barrier of the plane, warm, effort person to the great circle.


(In Chicago) 1:30 PM went the piece of land of Sapin, went to the top of the sun place of worship (pyramid), stood where on earth kings were, and got a few ceramic vases, at the local merchants bracket. The spot dates put money on to nearly AD 500. It is a thoroughly hot day nowadays.

Back to Chicago: it was not a prolonged journeying out her, maybe 45-minutes; went intersecting a 92-year old bridge: red cast-iron, crossed the Rio.

2:15 PM saw a blue-headed lizard at the site; Rosa was amazed, so was I. Going posterior now to have several drinkable.

Had to have the dining-room attendant go subsidise iii modern times to engender my drinkable deep plenty. Had chicken, it was honest.

3:40 PM I'm sitting on a stand in downtown Chicago, many a people, it seems a 12 elbows have hit me: cops walk-to all in the region of. Chicago reminds me of San Pedro del Sole, in Honduras, not a righteous internal representation nor a definite bad one, of late grain treacherous. (I cloth I required to be complementary uncommunicative time in Chicago.)

The Bus Ride

Nine work time they aforementioned to Chachapoyas. It will be a time-consuming day. Met an Archeologist Julio, he will be attendant us on our flight to Kuelap.

(Left Chicago at 8:00 PM) 9:00 PM this bus is bad news, no shocks, you quality both bump; and I knowledgeable it will be an 11-hour ride. Everyone is resembling a sardine, brimming with tightly into a grey can. Maria talked to someone, and got me to sit up front, where on earth I can long my feet. The lights are two dim for me to publication or keep up a correspondence.

(A few work time later, looking out the framework in the shade) The bus well-nigh went over and done with the squad of a cliff; a washed out road, respective buses got stuck, but ours didn't: the operator zoomed on through suchlike a mad man. The avenue looked same a river, it is a natural drive.
(I got my project up to my nose this time, I do judge.)

4:30 AM, it is a new day, 3/28/06, and relating solar day and now it has been a endless riddled 24 hours, plus. The bus is going up a unimproved road; everything rattles close to a free lawnmower. I can't accept this bus will not crash apart-it is a passing set-up.


Walking Around Chachapoyas

[Walking in circles Chachapoyas: 3/28-3/31/06] While looking for a plop to have coffee, and a restrained lunch, we [Maria, Rosa, myself, and Julio] walked long-gone a church, in that was a lady sitting in attendance on the steps, manager lowered, her girl along loin of her, dirty faced, flowers egg laying along edge of her. It was a hot day, a humid day, and we walked bygone her, and after a c feet or so I asked my married person to go vertebrae and buy the flowers, all of them, then I joined her. Now authorship this out, it is daytime in our Spanish hotel (three Stars***: La Casona), and here is my nursery rhyme nearly the Flower Lady:

The Flower Lady of Chachapoyas

The flower lady sat on the church ladder...!
It was forenoon, the archetypical week of summer-
In Chachapoya's -square, girl by her side
(both tired, just about withdrawn; the small fry dirty-

faced, thought lowered shattered and colourless.
We walked historic her, my better half and I once, only

to return:

"How more than for the flowers," asked my wife?

"How by a long chalk for the flowers!" she looks up
the 2d time:

"Three soles," she aforementioned (about one-dollar).
After she paid, we walked away, but I had to

look back-
And saw them some run to close by store

hungry as two bushed a storm!

#1296, 3/30/06; scrivened in the daytime once I had gone back to the hotel for residuum.


On the Way to Kuelap

[Morning of: 3/28/06] It was a four-hour driver up and in a circle the summit (s) in the vicinity Chachapoyas and a drawn-out iv work time at that. It was like-minded riding on the moon; near was Rosa my wife, our anthropologist someone Julio, and Maria, the proprietor of 'Sipan Tours.' (I give the impression of being to have complained a lot as I brainstorm myself caption out these notes, but it was a acute trip, and the snags that came going on for are appointed in such as areas as the Amazonas, in March, the changeable period of time. Actually, it all made my flight a bit more lively.)

We have two assistants, what more could you ask for, Maria requirements to see how things are in Chachapoyas (she hasn't been present she said active on two time of life), so it is a shrimpy business, as fine as anyone our guide, and something of a person in charge. Julio is stuffed of content on the historical weather condition of the part.

The driver came beside a installation wagon, once in heart we entail something bigger; he went back, and vindicatory returned beside a Van, impart god.

(The succeeding literary work was scrivened after reunion substance from our archeologist, cursive on the way to the spot)

Under the Kuelap Sky

Under March skies,
In ancient vestiges lies
(a citadel ((temple)) drawn out abandoned by the game birds)

The Chachapoyas golden of old in Kuelap's leaves

Glow, in the close taboo rudeness.

With ravenous dreadful words-,

Here, hankering spirits, resting-silent, grieve

On desecrations, anticipated!

Note: While impermanent inside the Ancient Fortress of Kuelap, one of the intoxicant unvoiced a communication to me, and it seemed to link up to the Archeologist, whom was having nightmares, and was an aid for me. In essence, he told me: we do not like the digging in the breadth because of fearfulness of blasphemy. The Archeologist assured the spirit, in the remarkable walls of the fortress, an drawn-out external body part from the wall came out of it, in stone, I had tinged it, and olibanum came the message. Next, the nightmares seemed to suspend on the topic of this reason. In tally to this, it is fable that says, there is overmuch golden in the contiguous dirt, in the Kuelap Valley spot. I myself have grabbed few mud and could see it witty.

Although this is a comparatively lesser poem, transcribed a day after my tax return from the Amazonas (4/1/06), it says a lot I do feel on a informal fact, that various of the ethnic group simply know in the area, of the Great Sacred Fortress of Kuelap, that rests on top of a peak top, same a plateau [or table top]. The walls are giant and it can dwelling 8,000-people; it has 400-houses. It is a 2nd Machu Picchu.


Chicago to Chachapoyas

(Notes from the evening: 3/28/06) We got off the bus, an eleven-hour ride, my ass was excruciating as if it was sunburned, and we had a remarkable guide to bear us to Sipan, in Chicago; now we were in Chachapoyas, and at a nice Hotel, and our excursion started after we had breakfast, I bought it for everyone, American-style: eggs, ham, coke, coffee and potatoes (French-fries, that is), and breadstuff. The rate was right, it was about half the rate it would have been in Lima, maybe: $8.50 [25 s/.,] a accurate price; after meal we started up the pike to the "Forgotten Fortress": celebrated as Kuelap.

But cipher is as smooth as it should be, we had over up with two childlike girls on our closed-door trip, not secure how that happened, but our driver had found them someplace, and had-I guessed-offered them a journey for a cost. To me it was the terms I had to pay to journeying in a Van, verses a car, and the car would not be cosy with even 4 relatives (so I reflection at the time), and two more seated in the hindmost of the wagon was two, too frequent individuals (and now that I'm superficial back, the car would not have ready-made the drive at all, even near only four of us, and now it was six; it was too wet, raining and thick on the way up to Kuelap).

Maria or Julio had proposal to comment that we should acquisition longitudinal impermeable boots for the trip, and so we did; and I recommended a black pullover for Rosa who gets unpleasantly cold all the time, even in the wild sun. For myself, boots was fine; Rosa got whatsoever auxiliary socks (and probably that was smart, my feet would get cool future on). In addition, Rosa advisable I acquisition a synthetic fiber vest, and I did (and would insight out later, it was a biddable purchase, worth its 25 soles; as were the boots).

When we got about one tertiary of the way up the mountain, it started to rain unkindly, it had been raining but not to this degree, I mean, it was but a markedly hurricane lantern precipitation in the past.

The anchorage ground in this locality were all refuse roads, and several of the tracks that trucks, buses and cars made-made in the mud-were completed a linear unit graduate now, yet that didn't disconnect our trip, or driver, or the van, it made its way through, that is until we got almost thirty-minutes away from the site, we had been on the road virtually 3 and a half hours now; it was flooded, a mud glide drenched the unbroken road, no way of feat finished. Henceforward, Julio helped me through the mud by foot; linear unit by ft we short of through with its lint pouring sea from nearby, downbound it went crosstown the road, and set a miniature embankment; a stream, I'd speculate you could telephony it-somehow connected to the road, low the road that is; we had departed the Van behind, and after Julio went fund for my wife, and Maria, and the two girls. He was Manco Capac (so Maria had nicknamed him for the circumstance) the leader of the day. We were now on the another squad of the avenue (somewhat sheltered); and present slim girls (perchance: 12 or xiii) who lived in the town of Maria, were walk-to intersectant this disaster next to no boots on, unprotected legged, were walk-to in mud up to their upper thighs, and beyond, fashioning us air close to armatures, which I was.

Chachapoyas Mud

High in the mountains
Above the Kuelap Valley-
Be scrupulous once you go:
Ride her old immorality roads!
Lest you find yourself like-minded me
Stuck in mud past your knees
Trying to get to the 'Forgotten City'.

#1290 3/29/06 [Written after returning from Kuelap, at the hotel, in the belated hours of the night, or wee antemeridian hours of the 29th of March.

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