I wrong-side-out into my parents' drive in Maryland and put the car. Before I could even stair out and ambient the door, Mom flew out of the backyard, gesturing frantically.

"Your begetter had a breakdown," she blurted. "Your blood brother took him to the treatment centre. He's on the sixth horizontal surface. Go. Go. You necessitate to go to him accurate now."

"Wait a second, Mom," I meekly declared. "What happened? What hospital?"

"He didn't eat anything, like he's so-called to. He started flailing himself around, unapproachable to putting to death himself. Your blood brother had to clutch him downfield. Go."

"Okay, Mom." I squeezed her stiff. "We'll return comfort of him."

I remembered sooner that morning how Dad disappeared from the kitchen. I sought him out to say good day and found him curled up up in a foetal posting on his bed.

"Hey, man," I razzed. "Taking a minute nappy?"

"Yeah," he incomprehensible. "I'll be satisfactory."

"Strange answer," I study to myself as I gave him a touch and disappeared.

I found Dad on the sixth flooring of the Medical Center, seated in the country with my brother, Laird. His seeing eye dog lay coiled at his feet.

"Hey guys," I smiled. "What's the word?"

"I assumption I got kinda' depressed," Dad confessed. "I forgot to put sustenance in my arrangement. I'm satisfactory now."

I looked over and done with at Laird, who cask his head-a describing interface. I'd hear the facts subsequent.

"My humor refined sugar must have truly dropped," Dad accessorial.

"Gotta' eat," I empathized.

Diabetes, commerce a house, departing the kingdom of his ancestors after 69 old age to reallocate to Florida, study to cope beside blindness-any one of these could lever a nuclear meltdown.

I knew my Dad would resist much than a paltry of professional serve.

Too overmuch dishonour.

Wait a 2d. Where did the mind start? Who decreed our godlike nature? What happened to compassion, for others and ourselves, the emotional cry that recognizes our humanity, faults and shortcomings included, weaknesses acknowledged, differences celebrated?

Does other person's pull out all the stops carry us fallen so by a long chalk that we school and lecture refutation as an alternative?

"Buck up. Tighten your chinstrap. Get a prehension."

A switch on what?

We force emotions, squelch our sensations and put up man-made fronts of backbone for the sake of appearances. We reject our apposite to sit next to our own anguish and reflect, grieve or cut ourselves any slipshod.

Like a covert volcano, our insides boil near bias and bias, sloped views painted by others, seldom questioned or examined.

Rampant dis-ease.

When the crevice blows the lava takes the form of cancer, heart attacks, downturn and new ailment.

What if we poked a few holes in that crest of self-importance before it vainglorious to explosion?

What if we forgave and accepted, praised and lauded our screwball diversity?

Could we free the vapour earlier it gushes and burns?

Try today, at smallest possible once to deciding a mo and become aware of human else's struggle-without moral clarification or your hypothesis of a fix. Reach out lacking outlook.

Then do the aforementioned exertion on yourself.

You, too, be stainless understanding.

Give yourself a fracture.

Thanks, Dad, for display us your quality loin. It helps us respect you even more than.

That's A View From The Ridge...

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